The Misery of Technology

Technology is a tool that can be used to enhance a student’s education, but when it gets out of control technology can be a ravage beast that destroys any chance for a healthy learning enviornemnt.

  1. The computer labs at school are a perfect example of how technology can rob students of valuable learning time. The computers are slow and won’t load, the teacher isn’t familar with how to open a document on the computer and specialists will take a good hour to come (and classes are only 58 minutes). However, teachers constantly book classes in the computer labs for essays, orals and research.

  2. Schoology is another perfect example of stealing student’s valuable time. Every day students waste 10, 20, 30 minutes trying to naviagte the confusing pathways of schoology just to find out what homework they recieved. Using technology that takes 30 minutes to do something a student can write down in the GHS Planner app (or in the actual planner until Slate & Tablet releases an Android version) in 30 seconds.

  3. If teachers relax their policy of student use of devices in the classrooom then technology could become an enhancement to the student’s education. Allowing students to their smartwatches, phones or laptops to quickly research relevant informnation provides multiple persepctives and thus increasing the vertical (rather than just horizontal) depth of the student’s knowledge. However, there is a catch with this. The student can missue this policy to check the numerous social media apps such as facebook, iMessage, snapchat, WhatsApp or dormChat (wait just kidding, students can’t use that becasue a bad development release strategy means only students in select universities can use the app until the developing team adds new ones).

There is a clear balance to be struck here between the use of technology in the classroom and traditional methods. However, the common thread through out is leaving more up to the students. When we are given access to our own personal devices we are more likely to be able to use it efficiently, rather than the slower computers the school offers which become a hindrance to everyone.


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